Install KDE 4.9 in Ubuntu/Kubuntu 12.04

This simple tutorial will show you how to install or upgrade the newly released KDE 4.9 in Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin.

After six months of hard work, KDE announced its latest set of releases, KDE Plasma Workspaces, KDE Applications, and the KDE Platform version 4.9.0 on August 1, 2012. Provided many interesting and new features, quality improvements, and new updated applications. (Read announcement) Continue reading “Install KDE 4.9 in Ubuntu/Kubuntu 12.04”


How to enable MySQL remote access on Ubuntu Server 12.04


By default MySQL on Ubuntu Server 12.04 can only be accessed from localhost (

 If we need to access it from another computer on the network, we must do the following step
 Edit MySQL Configuration
 $ sudo vim /etc/mysql/my.cnf
#comment out this line (add # in front of the line)

Install MySQL Server 5.5 On Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin


To install MySQL Server 5.5 on Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin, make your way to a Terminal window or a command prompt, and type this command:

sudo apt-get install mysql-server-5.5

(As of this writing, MySQL Server version 5.5 is the latest version available in the repositories, though future versions of Ubuntu may receive the newer versions of MySQL.)

Enter your password to authenticate, and apt will download the MySQL files and install them for you. It’s a big set of files, so depending on the speed of your Internet connection, it might take a while to download. After the files are downloaded and are installing, the installer will ask you for a password for MySQL’s root user. Just like the root user in Linux, the root user in MySQL has absolute control over all databases, tables, permissions, and users. For obvious security reasons, you’ll want to create an extremely strong password (a mixture of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and punctuation, the longer the better) for your MySQL root user. Continue reading “Install MySQL Server 5.5 On Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin”

Untuk menambahkan font TTF (Truetype Fonts) pada Fedora 7

Install font TTF (font dari Windows) 

Untuk menambahkan font TTF (Truetype Fonts), 
caranya sbb:  

1.Download file msttcorefonts: 

2.Install file tsb dengan terlebih dulu login sebagai root/su. 
	# rpm -ivh msttcorefonts-2.0-1.noarch.rpm  

3. Restart service xfs: 
	# /etc/init.d/xfs restart

Mounting NTFS File System

Untuk mengakses ntfs file system dari linux ada beberapa langkah yang perlu dilakukan :

1. Install fuse, kalo konek ke internet cukup ketikkan

yum install fuse

2. Install ntfs-3g, kalo konek ke internet cukup ketikkan

yum install ntfs-3g

3. Setelah semua terinstall,buat direktori baru dibawah “/mnt”,

mkdir /mnt/windows

4. Lihat di partisi mana ntfs nya berada dengan perintah

fdisk -l

5. Mount dengan perintah

mount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sdb5 /mnt/windows

Semoga bermanfaat…

Setting VNC Server di Fedora 7

Langkah-langkah untuk menjalankan dan mensetting VNCServer di Fedora Core 7 yang pernah saya lakukan adalah sebagai berikut :

Cara pertama :

  1. Click pada Fedora icon ”
    System >  Preferences >  Internet & Nework > 
    Remote Desktop
  2. Masukkan password yang akan digunakan untuk koneksi ke Server
  3. Open port 5900, dengan cara mengetikkan command ini pada terminal ”
    vi /etc/sysconfig/iptables"
  4. Lalu tambahkan baris ini : ”
    -A RH-Firewall-1-INPUT -m state --state NEW -m 
    tcp -p tcp --dport 5900 -j ACCEPT

  5. Restart iptable nya dengan cara mengetikkan command ini ”
    sudo /sbin/service iptables restart

    Continue reading “Setting VNC Server di Fedora 7”

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